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Cinder & Smoke: A Minimalist’s Ultimate Cookware Set And What You Should Cook With It

Cinder & Smoke: A Minimalist’s Ultimate Cookware Set And What You Should Cook With It

The Cinder & Smoke Essential Set is a unique and chic set of pans configured to cover all your cooking needs. The cookware set stacks into a stunning gray gradient and has a mix of nonstick aluminum and stainless steel items that work on all stove tops including induction. It’s truly a timeless addition to any kitchen ✨

We curated the Cinder & Smoke Essential Set to include a Skillet, Chef’s Pan, Saucepan, Stockpot, and two Universal Lids. Read on to see what we love cooking up with each item, and why Cinder & Smoke is the only cookware set you’ll need.

The Large Skillet, in Charcoal Black

The classic, but better. In a cool matte black, our large nonstick Skillets have a wider cooking surface and taller sidewalls than standard skillet, which means it can handle more deliciousness. At 11in and with a premium quality nonstick surface, it’s perfect for a wide range of dishes. We love cooking up honey roasted vegetables, breakfast goodies like eggs, bacon, and creamy pastas like Spicy Tteokbokki Carbonara using the skillet.

The Deep, Round Chef’s Pan, in Cinder Gray

Versatile, versatile, versatile. Thanks to the Chef’s Pan’s deeper wider profile, (it’s like if a skillet and a wok had a child), this will be your go-to pan from now on! Dressed in a cool, dark gray shade, it’s a stunning yet practical piece. With a large nonstick surface and high curved side walls, it’s perfect for tossing, sauté, and boiling. Its large round shape makes it ideal for Singaporean-Style Sticky Coffee Pork Ribs, plus it has a flared rim for drip-free pouring of these finger-lickin’ saucy dishes.

The Anti-Boilover Stockpot, in Ash Gray

Any cookware set needs a heavy duty, reliable, (and aesthetically pleasing) stockpot. A comforting Butter Bean Stew is one of our favorite dishes to make in the dusty warm gray colored 5qt Stockpot. It’s also a godsend for soups and stocks. Why? Because we designed it with a curved rim and body to help reduce boilovers 💡 Yep, that means no more spillage over the edges and making a real mess! Just as importantly, the stockpot has a thick, aluminum-core base that spreads heat evenly across the surface which helps create a lovely fond that adds flavor and depth to liquid dishes.

The Easy-Pour Saucepan, in Smoke Gray

Perfect for cheeky late night noodles and soup season, this light Saucepan is small yet mighty. At 2qt, its deep body holds a lot of soupy goodness. What makes this saucepan just as great is its soft and cushy handle, which makes pouring soups and sauces incredibly easy, while a flared rim minimizes dripping so none of that hard work goes to waste!

Plus two Universal Lids

We call our lids the Universal Lids for a reason. These gems fit snugly on each cookware item, no matter if it’s a pan or a pot. The Cinder & Smoke Set includes two stainless steel lids, small and large, that fit six sizes of cookware together. What’s more is that they can be stacked together for a seamless and tidy kitchen, saving you from rifling through a chaotic drawer 😉

A modern and stackable set in a cool gray gradient, Cinder & Smoke is your next kitchen centerpiece! Grab your Cinder & Smoke Essential Set now.